Prithivi Narayan Shah Statue

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The credit of creating the Greater Nepal goes to a single person named Prithvi Narayan Shah whose courage and vision was the main reason behind the united Nepal we live in today. This visionary king was born in Gorkha on Poush 27, 1779 BS, as a first son to King Narabhupal Shah and queen Kausalyawati making him the crown prince and heir to the throne. He had a vision, to conquer all the small kingdoms and create a larger nation, which he never gave up on and was determined to fulfill it.

  • Prithivi Narayan Shah
  • 100% Bronze Cast
  • Measures 11 inches height
  • Weighs approximately 6 lbs.

This statue may contain minor imperfections and variations in appearance, color and finish. These details are part of the statue’s artistic appeal and enhance the unique beauty of each piece.

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