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Dubo Mala: Wedding Set of 2
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According to the spiritual belief, the purifying quality of the grass offers everlasting love and relationship. The dubo (Bermuda grass) does not dry and wilt so quickly after it is pulled from the ground, so the evergreen dubo grass blesses newlyweds with fertility and prosperity in every step of their newly married life.

This item is made to order. This product comes in 1 (for bratabandha, pasni etc.) or 2 mala (for wedding, bride and groom) It takes at least 7 days or more to make and deliver this product. Customers are advised to plan and order this product at least 10 days ahead of your event.

Order may get delayed or canceled if bermuda grass (dubo) is unavailable. Please contact contact@nepalemarket.com or call +1 410 918 8105 for more information.

An additional $30 shipping fee will apply to Dubo Mala!

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