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Showing 1 - 24 of 65 products
Abeer Powder RedAbeer Powder Red
Peekay Abeer Color for Tika
Sale price$4.99
Akabare Dried Cherry Pepper
Alainchi (Black Cardamom)
Assorted Colorful Clay Diyo with WaxAssorted Colorful Clay Diyo with Wax
Ayur Orane Face Pack
Peekay Ayur Orane Face Pack
Sale price$2.99
Ayur Sandal Face Pack
Peekay Ayur Sandal Face Pack
Sale price$2.99
Bikharam Chandmal Kaju KatliBikharam Chandmal Kaju Katli
Bikharam Chandmal Kaju RollBikharam Chandmal Kaju Roll
Boroline Antiseptic Ayurvedic Cream
Chana DalChana Dal
Peekay Chana Dal
Sale price$4.99
Chili Powder Regular
Peekay Chili Powder Regular
Sale price$4.99
Clay Diyo - 12 ctClay Diyo - 12 ct
Peekay Clay Diyo - 12 ct
Sale price$5.99
Clay Diyo Kangri with Wax - 4 pcsClay Diyo Kangri with Wax - 4 pcs
Clay Diyo Matki with Wax - 7 pcsClay Diyo Matki with Wax - 7 pcs
Clove Whole (Lwang)
Peekay Clove Whole (Lwang)
Sale price$6.99
Copper Bhai Tika PlateCopper Bhai Tika Plate
Peekay Copper Bhai Tika Plate
Sale price$10.99
Coriander Powder
Peekay Coriander Powder
Sale price$5.49
Cumin Powder
Peekay Cumin Powder
Sale price$5.49
Dettol Antiseptic Liquid
Dried Anchovy (Dry Sidra Fish)Dried Anchovy (Dry Sidra Fish)
Dry Lotia (Dry Fish)
Peekay Dry Lotia (Dry Fish)
Sale price$10.99
Dry Red Chili WholeDry Red Chili Whole
Peekay Dry Red Chili Whole
Sale price$7.99
ENO Fruit Salt
Peekay ENO Fruit Salt
Sale price$4.99

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