Nanglo an ideal Nepalese woven vessel

Nanglo is a local handicraft and is made up of bamboo. It is a vessel that is used to separate dust, paddy, cover of beans, etc from rice, dal, beans, and other cereals. Nanglo is used in every Nepalese kitchen for this purpose.

The technique of using Nanglo to separate such dust particles is known as Niffanne, Kelaune, Batasne, Hamkaune (Winnowing). For ages, it has been a very handy tool in Nepalese kitchen.

In developed world winnowing is done by machines, but in the villages of Nepal, people still use nanglo for this purpose. Nanglo used in Nepal is the most artistic manual winnowing fan available in world history. Nanglo has multiple other uses in traditional Nepalese kitchen including separating husk from rice ("चामल केलाउने"). It is good that it also used in nepalese cities but for different purposes like displaying goods by street vendors.

Culturally Nanglo is used in many occasions and festivals. In Newari culture it is worshiped in Mha puja along with broom (kucho), chulo, cilauta & gagri. In Gathemangal (a festival celebrated in the memory of mythical demon Ghantakarna's death) people worship Nanglo by painting raxhyas (demons) face on it and let the nanglo wash away by Bagmati river. It is very important in Nepali weddings and used vastly to carry diyo in tihar festival.

Nanglo is an indispensable part of every Nepali kitchen. While it is mostly limited to villages, it can be found occasionally on large cities for various cultural reasons.

Bamboo vesselNanglo

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Neeta thapa

Neeta thapa

I would like to buy around two dozen of Nanglos of different size please let me know how to proceed

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