To present a Khata, you first fold it in half length-wise. This represents the interdependence of each other. Then when you offer the scarf to a person, you offer the open edges facing the person you are giving; the folded section will be towards you, which represents your open pure heart, with no negative thoughts or motives in the offering.

There are two general purposes for offering Khatas:
RESPECT/GRATITUDE - For holy sites, honored monks, teachers, dignitaries and elders, the scarf is given with folded hands near your forehead, with a humble bow before them, with head bent over and palms joined in respect. You never put the Khata over their neck in this situation.

AFFECTION/CELEBRATION - This is for special events, like marriage, birthdays, New Year, farewell and safe journey, welcome home, honor celebration of events and happenings, death ceremony and other day to day events in life’s journey. On these occasions you can offer khatas around the neck of recipients

Khata Meanings
blue - center, sky, wisdom
white- east, water, peace
red - west, fire, power
green - north, wind, confidence
yellow- south, earth, happiness


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