Boroline Antiseptic Ayurvedic Cream

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Use 100% natural, ultra-rich Boroline every night to heal dry skin anywhere -chapped lips, rough hands or elbows, cracked heels or dry feet... the list can go on. Whatever may be the cause of dryness, Boroline helps you wake up with happy skin. And... that's it!

  • Clean the skin well and then apply Boroline - gently massaging in the cream.
  • Warming up Boroline and using it in the molten state increases its efficacy - especially in curing skin infections.
  • In case the cut is open and deep, it is advisable to apply Boroline only after it has healed and begun to dry up. During the early stages apply Suthol and keep the cut covered and dry.

Net Wt: 20gm

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